Tips For Selling Your Gold Jewelry

When you are looking for a way to generate some quick cash, selling your unwanted jewelry and gold pieces can be the way to go. It's important that you go into the process prepared though. Understanding the fundamentals of working with a gold buyer and what factors really matter can help ensure that you have a positive experience and get the best price for the pieces that you sell. Here are some of the things that you need to consider as you're gathering pieces for a trip to a gold buyer.

Know The Pieces Well

When you go to a gold buyer, they will be more interested in pieces that are pure gold than the ones that are gold-plated. Make sure you know the difference and can separate your jewelry accordingly. In most cases, gold-plated jewelry doesn't even have a significant metal weight value, so it isn't worth trying to sell in an environment like this. Focus your efforts on the pieces that are pure gold.

Understand The Gold Rating

Every piece of gold jewelry has a specific gold rating. This defines the purity of the gold. The purer the gold, the higher the karat rating. You will receive a higher price for those pieces with a higher karat rating, so make sure you separate your jewelry accordingly. 

Sell the pieces in batches divided by karat weight to ensure that there is no confusion and no details get overlooked. Sometimes, when selling a large number of pieces, it's easy to miss the rating on one and price it incorrectly. When you separate everything ahead of time, you eliminate that risk.

Ask For Clarification On Each Price

If you're familiar with the going rate for gold, take time to ask for clarification of each price, including evidence of the weight of each batch and the way that the gold buyer calculates your earnings on that batch. Sometimes, the weight-to-value calculation is confusing, so asking for clarification ensures that you feel confident in the price that you sell your pieces for.

Talk with a local gold buyer today to see what types of pieces they might be interested in. Sometimes, gold buyers even consider additional investments for gemstones if you have any gold pieces with large enough stones to make them market-worthy. The more you understand about what your gold buyer is looking for, the easier it is to bring pieces that they are likely to buy.

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