5 Ways A Special Events ATM Can Be A Great Choice For Your Next Event

As you begin to plan your upcoming event, you'll need to decide what extra services you have available to help make the whole day or night go more smoothly. Many people choose to rent out a special event ATM for their event to make things easier for all involved. With ATM rental, it's easy to get the perfect machine you need. All you have to do is decide on a drop-off and pick-up time and a staff member will take care of it all.

3 Things To Tell Your Equipment Financing Consultant

If you are looking to invest in some new equipment for your business, you might be thinking about talking to an equipment financing consultant to find out more about your payment options. Coming out-of-pocket with all of the cash that you need to purchase your equipment can be tough, but one of these consultants can talk to you about your options and can help you make the right financing decisions for your business.

Exchange Unwanted Gift Cards For Cash

When your family and friends can't figure out what to get you for a gifting opportunity, they are likely to give you a gift card. Gift cards have replaced the envelope of cash or checks that your family used to hand you. They let you choose what you want to get. However, if you get a gift card to someone else's favorite store, you may not be able to find something that makes you happy.

What To Do If Your Purse Is Stolen While Vacationing In Brazil

Brazil is an amazing country with vast rain forests, gorgeous beaches, and cosmopolitan cities rich in culture. All of these things make Brazil the perfect vacation destination for anyone who wants to travel to an exotic locale and discover a whole new place. Unfortunately, like all metropolitan areas, the big cities in Brazil do have crime, and there is a slight chance that you may be the victim of a pick pocket or purse snatcher.

Why Your Business Loan Was Rejected (And What To Do Now)

It can be frustrating to get rejected for a business loan, but a rejection can show you how to improve your business idea and find a better lending solution. Here are some common problems with your business loan proposal, and how you can fix them. You Don't Have a (Good) Plan Business loan companies will want to see that you have put in a lot of thought about how your business will make its money, the timeline of growing your income and paying back the loan, and what you will do if the business doesn't produce income as you've planned.